Business dinner with blockchain project investors in Shanhai (China)

CEO&Founder SRT Group Alexey Ognev participated in a business dinner with the blockchain investors in the frame of the Crypto Asia start-up tour, which is taking place in Shanhai (China). Chen Zhangping Business Development Director in China Chen Zhangping has 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing equipment for oil refining, as well as 9 years of experience as a software engineer in software development. Under his leadership, the team successfully completed R & D to create various types of equipment for oil refining (small scale refineries) and fuel additives. Accompanied the construction of a large number of mini-refineries for Chinese and foreign customers. He is an author of several patents for technologies related to refining. Vasil Gazizulin Franchising Advisor Vasil Gazizulin is a successful entrepreneur who founded one of the largest international companies in the field of creating and promoting business franchises TopFranchise.com. Vasil will be the curator of the direction of franchising in the SRT Group, helping to advance on the global market in accordance with the general strategy of the company. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vasil-gazizulin-b49406151/