SRT Group`s new blockchain advisor - Slava Brall

Today we are presenting our new blockchain advisor - Slava Brall!

Slava has a specialist diploma of Saint-Petersburg State University (Computer Software Engineering major). He worked for TopDyne corp as a Java Developer and created a wide range of services for one of the biggest investments bank in German.

Slava is Co-founder and CEO of The Better Bunch since 2013. The Better Bunch is one of the 5 app development companies in Russia that have become a member in the Google Partnership Program for Android Developers. Blue-chip companies like Mail.ru, Trikolor.tv, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Healbe, Marshall, Mixergy, AZBO worked with The Better Bunch and got maximum results.

A blockchain enthusiast and cryptocurrency investor himself, Slava will apply his Computer Software Engineering expertise advising SRT group.