SRT Group teams up with CREDITS

Each of us regularly needs to refuel cars at gas stations, they are everywhere. Limitless potential of blockchain technologies in oil refining industry allows to reduce expenses of production and logistics. This gives an opportunity to create world’s first decentralised system with a high production efficiency and to start a fuel business revolution.

Smart Refining Technologies Group partners with Credits, a unique technological platform designated for the development and execution of decentralized applications based on the blockchain and smart contracts.

This partnership will allow Smart Refinery Technologies Group, a developer of innovative technical solutions and equipment for the production of automotive fuels, to create the world's first blockchain platform for the oil refining industry and will open a plethora of new  opportunities:

1) Full-stack IoT implementation is crucial and will help to create a decentralised network of small oil refineries with high speed of organisation and commissioning of Smart Refinery facilities.
2) CREDITS, one of the fastest and most scalable blockchain and smart contracts platform will increase the speed of payments between counterparties, with an infrastructure based on a distributed network with a public registry.
3) Credits-based Issuance of a SRT international fuel cards with the possibility of receiving discounts on fuel of up to 20% and pay for refueling both using fiat money and cryptocurrency.

SRT official site: http://srtcoin.io/